Resources page

Toucan Education Programs: Allows you to take the advantage of international study abroad. There are lots of new learning experiences that you can enjoy. Be somewhere different and learn new things.

Arguelles & Company LLC: They have established themselves as one of the top firms in the country. They have experienced and dedicated Belize Lawyers working for them.

Karl Menzies: is a Belize distributor of beer and is the only Belize beverages company in the country to import certain brands of cocktail mixes, Heineken and other non-alcoholic, alcoholic and spirituous drinks.

Art Box: The best Gift Shop that offers exquisite Caribbean arts for sale. Pieces come in a variety of colors and shapes and made out of a variety of materials. You can also shop online!

Maritime Security: Belize crime prevention is made easier with Maritime Security because they offer services that help prevent crime and, if a crime does occur, their services allows for a profile to find the perpetrator.

Orion IBC: This Belize ibc offshore company can make the process for your international business company formation as easy as ABC. They are very diligent and ensure that all your business transactions are confidential and readily available to you.

Belmopan City Online: Brings the City of Belmopan right to your home with directory assistance for all your needs. Such as: businesses, shopping, medical numbers that are all sorted by categories, family friendly events where you can socialize to make new friends and much more.

South West Construction: Provides machinery and equipment to facilitate ease of work for Belize road construction and other projects requiring the use of heavy machinery.

Balam Escape: Balam Escape offers beautiful plans for Belize Ecotourism hotels/resorts. It is all about having vision, a great location and doing your part to take care of the environment.