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Caye Caulker Sailing & Windsurfing Tours

The 185-mile expanse of the Belize Barrier Reef creates a spectacular and friendly venue for sailors of boats and boards. Caye Caulker, sitting just a mile from the barrier reef, is in an ideal location for sailing enthusiasts. The prevailing northeast trade winds blowing – sometimes howling – onshore and the protected waters inside the barrier reef are perfect for sailors of all skill levels. There is one dinghy rental operation on Caye Caulker, located near the split next to Frenchie’s Dive Shop.

Setting sail on your board from the shore you’ll be skimming over the reef in no time, perhaps escorted by dolphins. Notice the changing coloration of the Caribbean as the day passes starting with reds and oranges in the early morning, followed by deep blues that brighten as the day progresses and eventually turn into blue-greens by afternoon. Wind conditions are probably on the top of the list of “Frequently Asked Questions” from sailboarders. January through March is the best time of the year… the skies are clear and there are consistent 15+ mph trade winds. April through June brings calmer conditions, favoring the beginning sailor. The winds pick up again in the late summer and early fall. October through December is an erratic time of the year and the cold fronts bring offshore winds, favoring more experienced boarders.

If your preference is hanging out on a sailboat for the day that’s not a problem, there are a couple of local sailboat tour operators that offer day trips to the barrier reef for snorkeling and overnight trips to the southern cayes of Belize. One of the popular local operators is Ragamuffin Tours. They have been operating for years and offer the full array of tours.

There are also a number of sailors that sail their own vessels from abroad, particularly during the winter months. Belize is a great place to hang out for a couple of months during the wintertime. The lee side of the island is a natural cove offering great natural protection when the trade winds pickup. During the winter months there are generally in excess of 20 boats moored in the cove.

Regardless of your sailing preferences and skill levels Caye Caulker and Belize has something to offer!